Stammer Therapy With Mind Training

"I had struggled with my speech for a number of years, and went through many programs, courses and therapists that ultimately were unsuccessful. It came to the point where it was bringing down my aspirations and my career, but then I came across the Seraphina Mind Studio. I didn't know what to expect when arriving to meet Penny for the first time. But when I left the first session, I was already filled with a new belief and confidence that she would be the one to finally end my plight - and to my great relief she has. In the last year I have gone from cleaning houses alone, to working with hundreds of people on feature films. I have reached consistent levels of confidence and speaking fluency, that I have never experienced before, and I attribute all of this success to the work I have done with Penny. It is amazing how much of a positive impact this has had on my everyday life, both professionally and personally, and I can finally be the person I have always wanted to be. 


If like me, you feel you have tried everything to overcome your speech with little success, then I whole heartedly recommend contacting Penny for your first session. She has completely turned my life around and there are no words to express how grateful I am. Thank you."


Ed Gammie - West Sussex



Stammer therapy mind training - guaranteed results

Are you frustrated with stammering, tired of mind reading what other people might be thinking about you? Are you fed up with feeling stressed or anxious when having to speak to someone new, on the phone or in a group? Would you like to be free to speak more fluently, have greater consistency of fluent speech and no longer care what other people think about you? Would you like to be more relaxed when you speak, have greater self-esteem, more confidence in your potential and your future? If the answer is yes to any of the above, this therapy and training program is for you.


We guarantee that if you have not reached increased levels of fluency and confidence in speaking by the end of the program (subject to you completing it in full) we will refund your training fee. 


 A 1-to-1 program is also available. 



A unique program with unique results for people who stammer

Freedom form stammering

Our stammer therapy and mind training program is not aimed at controlling or stopping your current stammer; it is aimed at creating a new, more fluent, unconscious speaking pattern, that will become hotwired to your brain overriding the old one. Simply put, we help to rewire your brain. 


This is not 'one size fits all'. It is a highly personalised program which is tailored to meet your specific needs. This is exactly the reason why it works and why each course is restricted to a small group of people.


Scientists have proved the brain has an amazing capacity to keep regenerating itself - even when damaged. This means new, more helpful neural pathways can always be developed. The Seraphina Mind Studio breakthrough program for stammerers, educates the brain at an unconscious level to think differently about speaking and to develop new unconscious speaking patterns. Through advanced hypnosis, advanced NLP, anxiety management and various other mind therapies, enhanced neuroplasticity can occur. Neuroplasticity is the method by which you learn to do things at an unconscious level. This means your brain can develop brand new positive thoughts and behaviours around speaking. This in turn develops new neural pathways which increase levels of fluency, enabling growth in your confidence and self-belief. 


Our unique 360˚ program is specific to you. Our expertise means we can expose the root causes of your stammer quickly and disable its resulting negative emotions and beliefs. We can also disconnect the self-limiting decisions and triggers that have bound you to your old speaking programs. We then create a positive mind-set, that can rediscover the fluent speaking resource within the brain, already present in your unconscious mind, and resurface it into your awareness, where with our guidance, it can grow in strength and availability. 


Through advanced levels of hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy™and other mind training methods, you will be able to consider new ideas, beliefs and concepts that will free you from usual your constraints and limitations. It works by suspending the 'label maker' part of you  which has decided you are a stammerer. It is placed in the dominant hemisphere of your brain and attaches language to experience.


This, combined with daily mental exercises and mind program recordings, will increase the reliability, duration and longevity of the fluent resource. With consistent reinforcement, the frequency and strength of fluency becomes the stronger speaking pattern. 

What can you expect?

You can expect a significant improvement in your fluency, self-esteem and confidence.  


The course will be in a confidential, relaxed and enjoyable environment where you will be treated with the utmost respect. You can expect to be fully supported throughout the program and via telephone, skype or email between sessions. 


You will be given a training manual with simple, yet effective techniques to practice at home and keep progress ongoing. The gems of information you will learn about your mind are invaluable and can be applied to all aspects of your life - not just speech. 


You will not be expected to do anything that may alarm you and - as with some courses -there is no presentation in front of a group required. 


However, you are expected to give yourself the best chance of improving by participating fully and giving the program your full commitment.

Program structure

Woman Change your talk patterns

The program starts off with a 2 day group session, becoming personalised 1-to-1

sessions for the remainder of the program. 



Part 1 - Two Day Group Session

You will learn:


How your unconscious mind works

How thinking creates your perceptions, beliefs and behaviours

How thoughts trigger chemicals that distort feelings and thinking

How to manage stress and anxiety 

How thoughts create patterns that create unconscious programs

How to reframe negative thinking

How to define your stammer pattern and the steps to break it

The effects of negative emotions and negative self-talk on speech

The power of language to change thought, behaviour and speech 

How to rewind negative experiences and rewire positive ones

To put new speaking patterns into your future memory timeline

The steps of self-hypnosis  

Experience hypnosis and NLP as a group 

A series of techniques to take away and practice 




Part 2 - Personalised 1-to-1 Sessions 

Personal breakthrough sessions beginning with a 2-3 hour session at the Seraphina Mind Studio. Sessions thereafter will be spaced on a weekly, two weekly and monthly basis over a 10 month period.


You will learn to:

Release negative emotions – anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, embarrassment etc

Identify negative beliefs and reframe them at an unconscious level

Identify self-limiting decisions and reframe at an unconscious level

Identify and install unconscious fluent speech resources

Anchor a specific state to encourage optimum speaking patterns

Begin to re-engineer unconscious thought circuits

Embed new speaking patterns


You will be given specific actions and mental exercises, as well as mind programming recordings at various stages of the program.  


You will receive our full support throughout the program and can contact us at any time between sessions.

Your Investment

An early bird discount of £300 is available for bookings made before the end of January 2015.  


The cost of this program reflects the high quality and value you will receive. We guarantee that if you do not achieve increased levels of speech fluency by the end of the program (subject to completing all aspects of the program), you will receive a full refund. 


Investment - In order to secure your place, you will pay an investment of  £1,500 at the time of booking. Interest free credit is available with a deposit should you need it. Please be aware that this does not include any other costs involved with attending the program such as travel, lunch and accommodation. A relative or partner can attend the two days for £150, this is often helpful as they can help reinforce and support the changes you will be making.  

Next Stammer therapy and mind training course

Date: 3-4th April 2015 


Time: 10 am - 4 pm 


Where: Seraphina Mind Studio, West Sussex 



Date: 3-4th July 2015 


Time: 10 am - 4 pm 


Where: Seraphina Mind Studio, West Sussex 


Penny Johnson Founder and Lead Coach

Business owner, wife and mum

with 20 years plus years experience of people performance and training. 

Niche experience within business leadership, education and mental health.


Board approved trainer of the ABNLP, ANLP, ABH, PLA and endorsed by the GHC. Read more 

Are You Struggling to Concentrate?

Turning negative minds into successful minds. 


Here at the Seraphina Mind Studio we have seen significant increases in the numbers of students and teachers referred for a broad range of stress and anxiety related problems. From poor concentration, focus, negative self-image, IBS, depression, OCD, eating disorders, stammering to self-harm and panic, the list is growing.


Stress and anxiety hormones are clinically proven to disable cognitive functioning, distorting feeling and emotions. Many of these problems could easily be minimised and even avoided with the correct mind training and knowledge.


Our Successful Minds Program has proved to be an invaluable tool set; many parents and teachers have been amazed at the positive changes they have experienced in themselves, their students and children. During exams some of the most negative, low-grade students became high achievers, attaining grades above their predicted expectations. They sailed through their exams calmly and confidently. 


Would you like to improve your chances of success? 



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