Successful Minds For Education      

This program is designed for all members of a school community. Primarily we work with teachers, students and parents. But our flexible programs allow us to target specific audiences where there is a need. Such as: teaching assistants, SENCO, middle and senior management or a mixture of all school stakeholders. We start our programs by listening to what you would like to achieve from working with us. Then we design a specialised program, using a variety of topics, which will directly meet your needs.


Services include:

One-to-one coaching and mentoring
One-to-one treatments for a wide range of stress and anxiety conditions and associated illnesses
Group mind relaxation 
Group workshop programs


Flexible schedule:

During the school day or after school
Weekly programs (2 hours per week for 6-12 weeks)
One or two full days (Inset, school holidays, weekends)
5 half days
A series of 8 workshops run over several months


Our program topics are designed to help you:

  1. Relax deeply and eliminate negative stress
  2. Manage feelings – understand thinking patterns and learned responses and get into a desired state of mind
  3. Motivate yourself – identify internal resources and motivations to enable focus and direction
  4. Empathise – build connections and understanding with others
  5. Understand social skills – the different communication styles, how people process information and the perspective of others
  6. Understand study skills – learn about different brain states, 'big chunk/little chunk', getting focused, memory and motivation
  7. Enhance well-being - build positive self-esteem, self-belief and mental health


Topic examples:

  • Creating a calm culture – the environment outside and inside your mind
  • Stress management – triggers, effects of stress, stress hormones and how to manage them  
  • Anxiety - recognising anxiety problems/disorders and how to deal with them
  • Calming minds – breathing styles, relaxation exercises and techniques
  • Focusing minds – streaming, right/left brain thinking
  • Exam/ assessment confidence
  • Clean language – negative language to avoid, positive language to influence, persuade, inspire, motivate and calm  
  • States of mind – different types of state, how states affect performance, changing states, getting into positive states – accessing the training and learning states
  • NLP communication model
  • My Mind – personal traits, beliefs, self–limiting decisions, fear, how my thoughts affect me, dealing with low mood spirals and avoiding future ones, negativity, changing how I think and feel, understanding myself and others, recognise thinking preferences, creating better choices, focusing your mind
  • Self awareness - being present and mindful of how you think, feel and act
  • Setting goals and placing them into your future time line
  • Growing self-esteem and confidence
  • Building rapid rapport - modelling
  • Giving feedback
  • Presentation skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Leadership skills


Who is the training for?

Parents and care givers or anyone working with children. It is never too early to start learning mind training; we can deliver this course to parents via toddler, groups, nurseries, schools or any other parent focused groups. 


You will learn: 


  • The effects of stress and anxiety on learning, behaviour and thinking. How to recognise stress triggers, minimise its effects and manage emotions
  • Powerful visualisation techniques for calming the mind and body
  • Nutrition to maintain positive mental health
  • To communicate effectively-avoid misunderstandings and create more harmony
  • Use NLP tools to positively affect you and your family
  • How to build rapport; pace and lead difficult children
  • Learn tried and tested strategies to gain agreement with your child
  • Gain insight into child mind development at different ages
  • Learn how neuroscience teaches us how to best support brain development
  • Discover your child's specific learning style and nurture it
  • The right language to use and avoid in order to anchor things such as motivation and confidence
  • To set successful outcomes
  • To grow a calm, positive, learning environment at home 

Are You Struggling to Concentrate?

Turning negative minds into successful minds. 


Here at the Seraphina Mind Studio we have seen significant increases in the numbers of students and teachers referred for a broad range of stress and anxiety related problems. From poor concentration, focus, negative self-image, IBS, depression, OCD, eating disorders, stammering to self-harm and panic, the list is growing.


Stress and anxiety hormones are clinically proven to disable cognitive functioning, distorting feeling and emotions. Many of these problems could easily be minimised and even avoided with the correct mind training and knowledge.


Our Successful Minds Program has proved to be an invaluable tool set; many parents and teachers have been amazed at the positive changes they have experienced in themselves, their students and children. During exams some of the most negative, low-grade students became high achievers, attaining grades above their predicted expectations. They sailed through their exams calmly and confidently. 


Would you like to improve your chances of success? 

Business owner, wife and mum

with 20 years plus years experience of people performance and training. 

Niche experience within business leadership, education and mental health.


Board approved trainer of the ABNLP, ANLP, ABH, PLA and endorsed by the GHC. Read more 



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