Past Life Regression 

Healing the past to heal you in the present

Have you ever wondered where your behaviours, habits and fears stem from?

Why you feel an old familiarity about someone, something or some place you have never been to before. Almost everyone has experienced some form of deja vu about an experience, a place, a situation or someone they meet. Most of us can also think of people we instantly clicked with like we had known them a long time, when in fact we have only just met them.  Have you ever wondered if these things are linked to another existence, if you have been here before in another life time and if a past life is effecting your present?

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is an exciting journey back in time through hypnosis unlocking doors to past life times and experiences that make up who you are today. Within you lies a story of past events in this and previous lifetimes, that may present itself in a physical or emotional form today.  As your soul travels through many lifetimes of trauma, our experiences are stored in our unconscious and can resurface in our conscious mind in the present through ailments such as backache, migraine, panic, OCD, fear, anger, depression or even unexplained aches and pains, the list goes on. Often these things make no sense at all and can prevent you from enjoying a peaceful life. 

How Does it Work?

Past life regression therapy is a technique that should be conducted by a certified hypnotherapist experienced in past life therapy. At the Seraphina Mind Studio our Past Life Practitioners are all certified master hypnotists.



Through hypnosis you will recover memories from your current life, as well memories from past lives, some of which you may not be consciously aware are there. Going back to these memories allows conflicts to be addressed and released form the unconscious mind. For example a past event as a child in this life time, involving being splashed in the sea, can result in a fear of water today. A trauma such as a gun wound in a previous life, can result in a physical problem in this life. Old, out-of-date, unresolved, stored emotions can block us from enjoying a whole variety of things, from forming lasting relationships to social phobia, commitment or self-harm.  It can also result in unexplained phsyical problems, which cannot be cured by conventional therapy. During hypnosis we go back to the root cause and neutralise its effect, cleansing you of old negative thoughts and energies that are released, so your body and mind can heal. Regression therapy heals at a far deeper level that other therapies on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

What will I encounter or gain?

Many people have past life regression to satisfy their curiosity and are able to discover details of a number of past lives, recalling details of where they are and who they were with - often seeing people they know in their current lives. Some of these details have been pieced together and authenticated. Others find themselves in another country or culture and instantly feel at home.  Each past life is an exciting journey that can help you understand your character and why you do the things you do. The majority of people really enjoy the experience and want to go back time and time again. 

Spiritual past life regression

Many people report spiritual experiences from past life regression that sets them on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. For those already spiritual it can be a profound spiritual experience, where people report seeing beautiful colours swirling around them, some connect with angels, spirit guides and other divine source. No matter what the experience, all report an overwhelming feeling of deep inner peace.

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