The Successful Minds Program™  

The power of confidence, self-control and focus to accelerate your achievements. 

What is Succesful Minds™?

The Successful Minds Program™ treats and trains the mind to accept new, more positive, helpful thinking patterns that can have a profound effect on confidence, mood, ability and achievement across all areas.

Increasing positive mental health and learning



How it can help you




It can help you to feel calm, ready and motivated for any activity you may previously have wanted to avoid, such as exercising, writing that report or essay, or getting started on that piece of work you have been putting off. The benefits are fast acting and tackle a wide range of issues.


It has the power to help you gain enjoyment in the things you dislike and will guide you away from becoming attracted to things that you know are not good for you.  

Recommended by doctors, business leaders, educational psychologists, GCSE examiners, teachers, students and parents.

You can transform yourself 

With Successful Minds you can transform yourself from:

  • Stressed to calm
  • Sad to happy
  • Angry to relaxed
  • Nervous to confident
  • Procrastinating into action
  • Lazy to highly motivated
  • Low self-esteem to high self-belief  
  • Concentrate and stay focused 
  • Feel calm, in control and at ease with yourself
  • Remember information more easily
  • Be more organised and effective
  • Feel more confident
  • Communicate better and have stronger relationships
  • Feel happier with more energy
  • Have motivation and drive to achieve your goals

For teachers

For students

For parents

For business

For health and wellbeing 

How it Works 

One-to-one Personal Program or Group Workshops 

Tools for success



The program helps you understand how to get the best from your mind and introduces a range of blended bite size, mind training technologies and learning methods that have been simplified for easy understanding.


It incorporates elements of advanced NLP, clinical hypnosis, advanced language patterns, Time Line Therapies, CBT, meditation, self-hypnosis, stress and anxiety management, mental health education and nutrition. 


Targeted To Eradicate Problems

The 1-2-1 program is targeted to eradicate particular problems for an individual or can be presented as a group program addressing the more general needs of the group.


For schools and businesses we have taken the leading mind training technologies and therapies and shrink wrapped them into six flexible, easy to understand modules of bite-sized learning in a comprehensive, progressive framework.  


Each module contains easy to learn, easy to remember, easy to use techniques and processes. We also supply mind programming recordings to embed specific topics and desired changes. Programs can be mixed and matched in alignment with the specific audience.


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Benefits of Successful Minds 

Feelings - Understand your learned responses and how to control your emotions and mental state. 


Empathy - Build connections and understanding with others. Display more tolerance, understanding and acceptance of different people.


Social skills – Understand the perspective of others and communicate better. Make connections and build rapport, enabling you to make friends more easily and develop good relationships. Know how to avoid and diffuse conflict.


Performance – Access optimum mental states for peak performance in public speaking, presenting, drama, music, sports and during tests and exams.  


Learning strategies - Understand different learning types and styles, discovering which works best with your learning sensory preference. Learn techniques that increase the quality and speed of your learning.  Identify the best language commands that your unconscious mind will respond to, so that learning and confidence can be embedded.  


Study skills – Know how to get into an optimum state of mind for greater focus, faster learning, concentration, memory and motivation. This is a goal oriented process which is designed to achieve successful outcomes.


Wellbeing - Build a happier, more positive self-esteem and confident mind-set. Know how to manage negative emotions, negative thinking and elicit calm, confident states. Know how to recognise and manage the effects of stress on yourself and others.