Balancing Stones
Balancing Stones

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Free your mind and you can free your health, read what our cleints say 

“I had been suffering with anxiety since my husband died some years previously and it had got so bad I was struggling to leave the house. When I did, as soon as someone one would come close to me or try and speak to me, anxiety would take over and I would sweat profusely. It was so bad it would run down my face and soak my hair. I had tried everything and nothing helped until I visited the Seraphina Mind Studio. Three hours later I felt calm and relaxed and haven’t had a drop of sweat or anxiety since. I wished I had known Penny years ago - she has been my saviour!”


Lori Payne – House wife (Sussex)

“I can’t believe how my life has changed so dramatically for the better. I was feeling really low and the positive shift in my thinking, confidence, motivation, and energy is amazing. I just love the new me!  I’m so grateful and can’t thank you enough."


Louise Glazier – Special Needs Assistant (W.Sussex)

“I am so grateful for the calmness I now feel in my life. After years of being controlled by depression and anxiety I have turned the corner and life is looking sunny again. I am so glad I met you.”


Russ Boot – Engineer (Sussex)

I contacted Penny through a recommendation, as was stressed and feeling anxious, such that it was overwhelming me at work and at home. Even after the first session I felt a deep sense of calm that I have never felt before. The sessions were really enjoyable and I have found the techniques extremely helpful in enabling me to stay in control. My whole family has benefitted.  Life is calmer and now looking brighter. 


Liz Collwell - Teaching assistant (Surrey)


“I had flown to Germany for a meeting, and when I arrived, I became overwhelmed with anxiety about flying back.  No matter what I did I couldn’t shake it off and thought I was going to have to cancel my meetings and arrange another way of getting back. A colleague suggested I have a Skype hypnosis session with the Seraphina Mind Studio and it did the trick. Not only did my meetings go well, I fell asleep on the flight back. You saved the day - thank you!


Chris Johns – Sales Manager (Sussex)


“I had been putting up with panic attacks for over 10 years and tried all sorts of medications and holistic therapies. When a friend suggested I try the Seraphina Mind studio I was skeptical. There was no need to be, by the end of my break through session I felt calmer than I had ever been and I have not had a single panic attack since finishing treatment. My life has turned around, thank you!”


Nicola Davies – Cabin Crew (Surrey)


“I have felt my confidence sliding away from me over the years as the anxiety became more and more. First it was lifts, and then it was my children, other people, then my health. It seemed that everything was a worry and upset me. This has now all changed. I found the studio very calm and the mind training helped me change the way I think about stress and anxiety. These techniques and the mp3’s kept me calm between sessions and really did change things for me. This last Xmas was the best ever, I was so calm, happy and really in control of things. Thank you!"


Cynthia Rogers - Retired (Surrey) 


Are You Struggling to Concentrate?

Turning negative minds into successful minds. 


Here at the Seraphina Mind Studio we have seen significant increases in the numbers of students and teachers referred for a broad range of stress and anxiety related problems. From poor concentration, focus, negative self-image, IBS, depression, OCD, eating disorders, stammering to self-harm and panic, the list is growing.


Stress and anxiety hormones are clinically proven to disable cognitive functioning, distorting feeling and emotions. Many of these problems could easily be minimised and even avoided with the correct mind training and knowledge.


Our Successful Minds Program has proved to be an invaluable tool set; many parents and teachers have been amazed at the positive changes they have experienced in themselves, their students and children. During exams some of the most negative, low-grade students became high achievers, attaining grades above their predicted expectations. They sailed through their exams calmly and confidently. 


Would you like to improve your chances of success? 

Business owner, wife and mum

with 20 years plus years experience of people performance and training. 

Niche experience within business leadership, education and mental health.


Board approved trainer of the ABNLP, ANLP, ABH, PLA and endorsed by the GHC. Read more 



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