What Clients Say About The Successful Minds Program™  

Dr Neil Rutterford CPsychol AFBPsS MSc PhD

Director of LANC - Learning Assessment and Neurocare Center says;


"The Seraphina Mind Studio offers invaluable learning strategies and techniques, that can help students control the effects of stress, as well as promote a healthy attitude and motivation towards learning and taking exams. For many students, the exam period means facing their fears of failure and the prospect of not being able to retain weeks’ worth of revision. For many students with learning difficulties, it isn't just the anxiety or nerves at the time of the exam, but very often worry for weeks and months ahead, which can adversely affect their cognitive function and exam performance on the day."


What teachers and parents say: 

"I have a lot of praise for the Seraphina Mind Studio. The sessions are great for reducing stress, increasing your self-belief, motivation and focus. I highly recommend it for any teacher or student wanting more success."

Brian Dickinson - Teacher (Surrey) 



"I have recommended a number of students and fellow colleagues to the Seraphina Mind Studio, the results are rapid and deliver invaluable benefit time after time."

Sarah Davey - GCSE Examiner and Teacher (Surrey) 



"As an educational tutor I have been to visit Penny a number of times with various issues, such as stress, anxiety and the inability to think clearly. Since I have been going, the symptoms have gone away. I find I am much more calm and relaxed. Penny provides individualised treatments with such caring, that I left feeling listened to, understood and helped like never before. I had previously attended two and a half years of psychotherapy, with frustratingly small improvement. After just a couple of sessions I felt noticeably better, in control and empowered. I would recommend this for anyone working in education who is suffering from any work related stress and I would recommend it to my tutees too, many of whom are preparing for the 11+ and KS2 SATs."  

Tean Smith- Tutor (West Sussex)   



"I contacted the Seraphina Mind Studio as I was feeling stressed, lacking in confidence and my emotions were getting out of control. In no time at all I felt calm, relaxed, in control and more positive in all aspects. The sessions were great and were a totally enjoyable experience which I looked forward to each time. The techniques are easy to do, highly effective and I have some great mind tools to help me going forward in teaching and life." 

Sarah Pasby - Teacher (Sussex)



“I feel confident, calmer and so much more in control during assessments, which is quite a remarkable difference to the person I was just a few short months ago. My manager is commenting on the positive difference and the outstanding feedback I received from OFSTED. I have become significantly more organised, proactive and on top of things.  The techniques are extremely effective, fun to do and my students and I are really benefitting from them. I was so impressed with my own changes; I have recommended the training program to the school head."

Becky Rowe  - Teacher (Surrey) 



"I was recommended the Seraphina Mind Studio by a teacher colleague who has made impressive changes in her teaching and confidence. I really enjoyed my sessions and came away feeling calm, relaxed, in control and feeling more positive than I’ve done in years. I’ve become more aware of how thinking affects my results and the techniques I’ve learned have really helped manage stress, change my focus, how I deal with relationships and in supporting students in class."

Liz Collwell – Student Support (Surrey) 



"I was thinking of leaving teaching as the pressure and stress was overwhelming. After a few sessions I feel calmer, more confident and now feel positive about teaching again. I'm more pro-active and getting on and doing my planning, rather than leaving it until the 11th hour. I would definitely recommend it to fellow teachers out there. I've also done a few of the mind exercises with my students and plan to learn more."

Teacher - (Sussex)

"I was recommended the Seraphina Mind Studio by the head of 6th form at Woldingham school. My daughter was stressed, depressed, and not able to concentrate. She was also predicted not to pass her A Levels. Her self-belief was extremely low, as was her study motivation. She did not connect well with new people, yet she immediately felt at ease with Penny. The change in her study motivation was immediate. She went on to achieve A and B grades and by the end of the program her whole personality changed for the better. She is now happier than ever and is a motivated, confident person doing well at college. I also had NLP parenting skills training with Penny and this has made a remarkable difference in my communication and relationship with my daughter.”

Joanne McCarthy – Parent 



"After years of private education and professional support for acute dyslexia, my daughter was still struggling. She had little confidence, poor concentration, struggled with organisation and had no motivation to study. The more she couldn't focus, the more she stressed and her self-belief plummeted. Almost immediately after her first break through session, her attitude and self-belief began to change. We were thrilled when she achieved 10 A/A* grades in her GCSE results. What an amazing result for a predicted grade C/D student. As a parent I will be eternally grateful to you. Thank you!"

Colum Smith – Parent 


 "I contacted the Seraphina Mind Studio through a recommendation via another parent. My son was depressed and unhappy, he lacked energy, motivation and in school his performance was slipping. Communication between us was not good and family life was stressful as a result. Within a short time, my son started feeling better and everything began to improve. He is now happy, confident, motivated to be successful and has great self-belief. He used to spend a lot of time in his room alone and that has all changed, he now enjoys spending time with us as a family. At school his teachers have been surprised at the jump in the quality of his work and improved grades. He is now achieving commendations for work. There has been a complete transformation in my son. As a family we have all benefited in learning positive thinking and being able to communicate with each other in a much more successful way. I have now recommended the program to the head of my son's school."

Shelly Daneen - Parent  


"I contacted the Seraphina Mind Studio as my daughter was very stressed about school and her health and education were suffering as a result. Her confidence and self-esteem were rock bottom and she had fallen behind in her school work. Within weeks, she was a happier, brighter child who had caught up on her school work and now settled into a good study routine. Her health problem has not surfaced since. She is so much more confident and relaxed, the change has been remarkable. Thank you so much!"

Linda Harris - Parent 


“I contacted the Seraphina Mind Studio as my son had struggled with concentration and focus for many years and with GCSE mock exams approaching he had no motivation to study. He lacked confidence and self-belief in his ability and this compounded the problem. After his first two hour session he came home and began to study. Four sessions later he is happier, more confident and the mock exams he was expecting to do badly in, he passed with B grades. Despite having an ADD diagnosis for many years, my son no longer has problems with concentration and focus and is now motivated to succeed.“  

Alison Ward – Parent  


"I was recommended the Seraphina Mind Studio by the head of Farlington School. My daughter was having support for learning difficulty and also had problems in her peer relationships. She has benefited immensely from her sessions with Penny. Her confidence has improved beyond recognition. She now has lots of friends and finds it so much easier to concentrate and understand information. We have noticed a steady rise in her exam results and are thrilled with her progress from a D to B grade student. Aside from these benefits, Penny has given my daughter a strong belief and confidence in herself which she never previously had."

Kirna Amin - Parent  


"My son was stressed about exams and not revising for his GCSEs despite my nagging. His teachers wanted him to add to his course work in Geography and History; he didn't see the point. I booked him into an Exam Success workshop at the Seraphina Mind Studio, after reading about it in our local news. When I collected him from the training day, he said it hadn't worked, and he wasn't hypnotised, however almost at once he started to revise without my suggestion and added the additional work to his course work. His grades increased from C to A! He showed no stress or anxiety prior and during exams."  

Francis King - Parent  



"My son was diagnosed with ADD and despite many attempts with different medications, he was still in a very low mood, socially awkward and getting low grades at school. After a Personal Breakthrough Session and monthly support sessions we are now looking at a very different son. He was predicted by his school to achieve C and D grades. He actually attained 8 GCSEs, one A*, six at A grade and one B grade. He is now confident and able to engage in conversations easily. This change has had a huge, positive effect on our entire family life, thank you!"

Sally Davies - Parent 



"My son was suffering with major migraines that were affecting his health and school performance. He was frequently off school and not able to focus or remember information in class. We underwent every treatment imaginable including Botox to relax his jaw, acupuncture, medications and finally a brain scan, before contacting the Seraphina Mind Studio. After attending the program, the migraines stopped, his focus improved, as did his self-belief about what he could achieve. It's now 6 months on and not a headache in sight. I can’t recommend Penny highly enough. "

Amanda Thoden Van Velsen - Parent 



Are You Struggling to Concentrate?

Turning negative minds into successful minds. 


Here at the Seraphina Mind Studio we have seen significant increases in the numbers of students and teachers referred for a broad range of stress and anxiety related problems. From poor concentration, focus, negative self-image, IBS, depression, OCD, eating disorders, stammering to self-harm and panic, the list is growing.


Stress and anxiety hormones are clinically proven to disable cognitive functioning, distorting feeling and emotions. Many of these problems could easily be minimised and even avoided with the correct mind training and knowledge.


Our Successful Minds Program has proved to be an invaluable tool set; many parents and teachers have been amazed at the positive changes they have experienced in themselves, their students and children. During exams some of the most negative, low-grade students became high achievers, attaining grades above their predicted expectations. They sailed through their exams calmly and confidently. 


Would you like to improve your chances of success? 

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