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Performing Arts And Media

"Working in Arts and Media requires a certian amount of self-belief, what ever the thing is that is holdidng you back, Penny can help".


Dan McCullock - Film and TV Producer  


No matter where you fit into the TV, film, stage and music industry, talent alone will only take you so far.


The people who can make or break your career will unconsciously make their mind up about you within 60 seconds. In fact only 7% of what you say makes a difference. A whopping 93 % of a person’s decision making about you, is based upon the unconscious non-verbal body language you transmit to them.  So, if you're not getting the results you want, there is a good chance your unconscious mind is not supporting your conscious intentions. 


NLP and hypnosis is now widely used to give people a competitive edge in their careers and life in general.  It can help you in so many ways there are almost too many to mention. A few are listed below:


  • Increase your confidence / self-belief
  • Learn new skills quickly
  • Elicit the optimum state of mind so you can perform at your best to order
  • Build rapid rapport with everyone you meet
  • Persuade people to your way of thinking
  • Improve your communication and relationships
  • Improve memory recall
  • Learn faster
  • Dissolve stress and anxiety
  • Let go of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt or any other negative emotion that hold you back
  • Increase drive and motivation
  • Lift mood
  • Create the future you want to live 
  • Live the life you want to lead


Whether you are already at the top of your game or on the journey to get there, NLP and hypnosis can help you make rapid changes, so that you can become the person you secretly want to be, now.


If you want your mind working to your best advantage call us now on 7710 459197 or use the contact us form. 


If you’re working on location, we can travel to you, with travel time and reasonable expenses charged pro rata. 

Are You Struggling to Concentrate?

Turning negative minds into successful minds. 


Here at the Seraphina Mind Studio we have seen significant increases in the numbers of students and teachers referred for a broad range of stress and anxiety related problems. From poor concentration, focus, negative self-image, IBS, depression, OCD, eating disorders, stammering to self-harm and panic, the list is growing.


Stress and anxiety hormones are clinically proven to disable cognitive functioning, distorting feeling and emotions. Many of these problems could easily be minimised and even avoided with the correct mind training and knowledge.


Our Successful Minds Program has proved to be an invaluable tool set; many parents and teachers have been amazed at the positive changes they have experienced in themselves, their students and children. During exams some of the most negative, low-grade students became high achievers, attaining grades above their predicted expectations. They sailed through their exams calmly and confidently. 


Would you like to improve your chances of success? 

Business owner, wife and mum

with 20 years plus years experience of people performance and training. 

Niche experience within business leadership, education and mental health.


Board approved trainer of the ABNLP, ANLP, ABH, PLA and endorsed by the GHC. Read more 



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