Feel Better and Perform Better 

What would you like to achieve if you knew you wouldn't fail? 

Would you like an easy way to feel calm? Perhaps you want to improve your confidence, relationships, learning or performance? Our unique blend of leading mind techniques, coaching and therapy is proven too fast track success in learning, work, performance and wellness. 

Our expertise 

We train and mentor hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners and coaches. This means we are experts in how to eradicate your problem in the fastest, most efficient way. We see private clients on a one-to-one basis and offer specialised programs to manage stress, dissolve anxiety and create resilient, confident mind-sets.  

Our success stories 


Ed's Success 

We helped Ed jump from having low self-esteem and  cleaning houses, to having the confidence to work at a major CGI film studio on blockbuster films.

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Maya's Success 

We helped Maya progress from complex learning needs to out performing 30,000 students and winning a national award.  

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Jasmin's Success 

We helped Jasmin escape from a life time of diets with little or no success, to becoming three stone lighter, brighter and happier. 

Areas we can help you

For Work 

Self improvement

More confidence 

Better performance

For learning

Exam confidence Stress management

Revision motivation 


For Health



Weight loss

What The Neuro Care Centre says about our work

"The Seraphina Mind Studio offers invaluable learning strategies and techniques, that can to help control the effects of stress, as well as promote a healthy attitude and motivation towards learning, life and taking exams.''


Dr Neil Rutterford PhD

Director of The Learning Assessment and Neurocare Center